WhiteHaven prioritizes improvement, in every possible way.

Shortcuts only yield short-term successes. To achieve enduring success, however, one must truly commit to excellence. This universal truth has been at the heart of our investment strategy since inception, and it’s a philosophy that drives everything we do at WhiteHaven.

We invest in improvements within our communities to yield maximum value for residents and investors, and we invest in our people, our community and our strategic partners in the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Our people
Couple at Haven Townhomes at P83


To identify and create opportunities to invest in Phoenix communities, maximize value for investors, and improve the lives of our community of residents and partners.


WhiteHaven is driven to be Greater Phoenix’s premier multifamily owner and operator by creating enduring value in multifamily communities.

Phoenix is in our DNA.

Unlocking maximum value in multifamily investment would be nearly impossible without highly specialized knowledge of the market, the community and its people. We know Phoenix, we’re invested in Phoenix, and we’re here to bring value to Phoenix for the long term.

Muiltifamily Investment WhiteHaven

Excellence is marketproof.

We are driven by creating maximum value and enduring success — the type that prevails through ups and downs and unexpected events.

Our investment philosophy is based on three key principles:


We are thoughtful as to the location, vintage, construction, and unit mix. Our decision to deploy is guided by the assets capacity to support programmatic repositioning.


We perform extensive renovations up to $45,000 per unit and invest significant capital to improve the clubhouse and other common area amenities.


By performing extensive renovations, our properties attract a higher-qualified tenant profile, which results in sustainable long-term operations that improve the overall value of the asset.