Invest in multifamily excellence.

WhiteHaven is a private equity firm concentrated on creating multifamily value in the Greater Phoenix area.

WhiteHaven prioritizes improvement, in every possible way - WhiteHaven

WhiteHaven prioritizes improvement, in every possible way.

We invest in improvements within our communities to yield maximum value for residents and investors, and we invest in our people, our community and our strategic partners in the continuous pursuit of excellence.

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Proven success within a diverse investment portfolio.

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Invest in multifamily excellence - WhiteHaven

Proven execution, time and again.

I have done several deals locally but far and away, the service, honesty, and yes... RETURNS that I experienced with WhiteHaven are world-class. I have told several investors about WhiteHaven and pointed them your way for investing.

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Dr. Daniel Lucas, MD


Ben, Sam, and the WhiteHaven team have a very clear strategy and operational philosophy. They invest strictly in Phoenix, which they believe to be the best high growth market in the country and look for value-add opportunities. They execute against this strategy with what I see as a high degree of intensity and discipline that they highlight in very detailed monthly reporting, and appear to have hit all major commitments, and then some, in investments that I've tracked or been a part of to date. I invest with Ben because I believe he has a great framework around thinking about the market, putting together a value-add strategy, and operating against their business plans professionally. I believe that Ben is smart, effective, efficient, transparent, and has an enormous sense of pride and drive - qualities that I think are essential to long-term success in this business. So far, Ben and Sam have produced great outcomes for investors, and I believe it is likely that they continue to largely produce excellent returns for me and plan to continue to invest with WhiteHaven. Perhaps most importantly, I believe that if and when the day comes that certain of their assumptions don't, in fact, play out as intended, or Murphy's Law comes into play and an unknown variable throws off one deal, that Ben can be trusted to act appropriately. If and when the day comes that Ben has to make hard choices, I believe that he will act with his investor's best interests at heart, and his long-term reputation front of mind.

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Scott Trench

CEO & President, BiggerPockets

In the last few years, I deployed capital into five of the WhiteHaven acquisitions, several of which have now gone full cycle with much higher than anticipated returns. As it relates to investing in apartment syndications, there are many sponsors out there. For me, there one clear choice, WhiteHaven. It's easily summed up to trust, transparency, and the intangibles.

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Logan Hassinger

The Real Estate Guru

I’ve invested again and again with WhiteHaven. Why? Because they are conservative in their math, patient with their growth, and open with their communication.

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Brandon Turner

Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast

Ben and his team at WhiteHaven are true professionals who have not only delivered above-projected returns but been fantastic with their communication throughout.

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Jim Wang


I've completed two investments with WhiteHaven, each returning higher than expected returns in half the estimated hold period. My third investment with them is in great shape as well. Ben and Sam are bright and disciplined, excellent communicators, and dare I say, preemptive with responding to market changes.

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Dave Adams

Tech Entrepreneur, Apartment Developer

I really enjoy the transparency WhiteHaven provides throughout the investing process. Before investing in the Haven at South Mountain project, which has since sold with great profit, I had multiple conversations with WhiteHavenand had all my questions answered, and more. I can appreciate the care and the monthly communications from the team too.

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Tsz Chan


As a healthcare professional, by investing with WhiteHaven I have been able to earn passive income, but much more importantly strong profit sharing of appreciation.

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Danny Nguyen

PharmD, FMVA

When working with the WhiteHaventeam, I know I’m in competent and experienced hands. I trust the management team to make the best decisions and that allows me to rest easy as an investor. Multiple projects I invested in exited sooner than projected and with great returns. I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come!

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Gennia Cui

Co-founder and Chief Creative Director

I’ve been investing for a long time, and I normally don’t invest my private capital with just anyone. But when Ben and Sam have an opportunity it's hard to say no since I know that they both bring unique skillsets and passion to their work. WhiteHaven and the team make it easy and effortless, while still maintaining a consistent and reliable level of reporting and communication. I've always felt at ease with my investments.

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Dave Van Horn

President & CEO, PPR Note Company
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