WhiteHaven founders discuss the company’s inception on BiggerPockets podcast

October 9, 2022

Earlier this week, WhiteHaven founders Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms joined the BiggerPockets podcast to discuss the WhiteHaven origin story and how a two-person operation evolved from flips and smaller assets to 100-plus-unit, value-add multifamily deals.

“Ben and I actually, when we first connected and we knew we wanted to partner up, we spent probably six months daily, 12 hours a day, underwriting and coming up with our model,” Grooms said. “I mean, we were the opposite in a lot of respects, even though we have the same views on real estate, our skill sets are completely separate and I think that helps us a lot and we balance each other out. I’m the eternal optimist, he’s the eternal pessimist.”

BiggerPockets hosts Brandon Turner and David Green spent the conversation talking with Ben and Sam about what makes a great partnership and how to scale your idea into revenue generation. In fact, through the course of the conversation, the group listed off 6 key aspects to any real estate investment partnership, which included: competitive advantage, diversified economy, population, population growth, job growth, and rent growth.

“Warren Buffett says diversification is protection against ignorance,” Leybovich said. “I say growth and equity is protection against ignorance in income producing assets because income comes in, income goes out, but if you have an exit and you can make money by exiting, then at least you are not losing money.”

Watch to the rest of the BiggerPockets podcast in the video below to listen to this fascinating conversation from WhiteHaven co-founders Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms. And if you’re interested in learning more about our current investment opportunities, visit our Current Opportunities page or contact us for more information.